Sunday 20 July 2014

Where Stuff Is

Sometimes I get asked where things are on my blog. So, even though it may be teaching some to suck eggs (as the saying goes), I figured it wouldn't hurt to highlight the most important parts of my blog.
I'll also state where you can find them on my blog.

Ok, first up is the 'Pages' bar.
This bar has a group of all the really important pages I want people to see.
As you can see it's directly below the title of my blog.
Here you can find out about my Photo-Cross Stitching Service, the Gallery of previous conversions, My designs and finally information about Copyright.

Top left of my blog is the box with links to my favourite (or useful) sites. This helps those of you who are interested in things you see get to those things a lot quicker.

Now, My Recommendations (top right) is a direct link to If you're in the US or any other country this may be useless for you. However, in this widget you will find links to some bargains I've found on Amazon. I try to update this with new bargains on a regular basis, so it's worth looking through ever so often.

The Blog Archive (right side). This is where you can see links to every post I've made since starting my blog. It's a quick way of finding what you want without scrolling through loads of pages (there is also a search box further down on the right side of my blog).

Popular Posts is on the right side of my blog about halfway down.
This is actually one of my favourite features on my blog. I really love being able to see what has caught people's attention. It helps me to see who my main readers are and what they like to read.

Right hand side, near the bottom.
Put your email address in here and you'll never miss a single one of my posts.

On the right at the bottom you'll find another useful navigation option. Just click on one of these 'Labels' and you'll be shown all the posts I've made on that particular topic.
This is useful if you only read my blog for one subject.

Finally, we have something that appears on some of my individual pages or posts.
If you see any post with a 'click HERE', you literally need to click on the word HERE and you will either be taken to another page, or it will open up your email service to send me a message.

Ok, What's it. It's not sexy and for anyone who's familiar with blogs it's going to be REALLY boring!
So, Dear Reader, this post is dedicated to all you noobs who have never seen a blog (and who probably don't know what a noob is either!).

(More stitching in my next post, I promise)

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