Wednesday 2 July 2014

Siberian Gold Tigers Day 46 and Cross Stitch Bargains....

I also found these tigers for sale on Here's the link: On the 46ths Day of Stitching My Stitching Fairy Gave to Me....1 Sore Back and a Need to Stop and Have a Pee.

Seriously, I sat so long I forgot to have a break. My back hurt from one position for too long and I was desperate for a wee. No accidents, so all was well. I have reached the stage where incontinence pants are my saviour while stitching!

As I near the end of Page 7 I can feel myself slowing down. I always find the end of a design hardest. For some reason being so close always makes it feel like it's taking forever. Still, logically, I know there's not much more to go.

Ok. Moving on. I need to apologise to Julie Shaw. Julie, if you're reading this I'm sorry, but I won't be able to do an entry about tying off. My camera simply isn't good enough to get the kind of close-up shows I need to sufficiently document what I do.
However, I will try to do something in the future.

As small compensation to all my readers I've decided to use this entry to give you links to a whole bunch of cross stitch bargains I've found on Some, I've mentioned on Facebook. But, just in case people haven't seen them, here they are:





  1. Always enjoy reading your blog

    1. Thanks Debbie! Good to know people are enjoy it.

  2. I hope you realize you have a worldwide audience. Reading this in the beautiful state of Maine, USA!

    1. Wow! Thanks Angela!!! I hope you're finding enough to interest you! Maine!! Stephen King land! On my must-visit-before-I-die list!

  3. Is it just me that cannot see any links to the bargains on Amazon? :(

    - Stunning cross stitch you're stitching! Am quite a happy, new reader of your blog :) Thank you for the good work!

    1. Hi Michelle,
      Glad you're enjoying the blog. It's a little worrying that you can't see the Amazon links I posted. On this post there are 16 of them. I also always link to Amazon when I review a book/cd/dvd or blu-ray.

      Are you viewing my blog on a desktop computer or on your mobile? If it's mobile, could you have a look on a desktop and see if you have the same problem?

      Many thanks and come back soon!


    2. Hi Neil,

      I am now using Explorer and I can see all the links fine, but when I looked at them on Safari, there were no links. So there might be a compatibility issue :(

      Great progress on your stitching btw! :)


    3. Glad you got it sorted Michelle.