Friday, 15 August 2014

Getting WIPped into shape! 3 WIP updates!

Here it is! A new update for my Indiana Jones design.

Firstly, I would like to address the issue of copyright with this design. I charted this long before I knew anything about copyright and started my own company.
Should I be stitching it? Actually, yes. Copyright law does have a whole section about personal use only, and it because of that I am continuing to stitch this design.
This design is just for me. I will not be selling it or making any profit from it and I will not be giving anyone else the chart.  Also, I have written to Paramount Pictures to ask permission to use it...funnily enough they haven't replied yet!

The above image  shows where I'm up to from a distance, but this one is a bit closer in for detail. This is stitched on 18ct aida.
I started this end of last year, but life and the Tiger commission got in the way so I had to stop. But, now I'm back at it and have completed the block I was working on as well as the confetti stretching out from it.
 Here's how Indy will look when it's finished:

My second WIP is my own design 2QT2BSTR8.
This colourful little design is proving to be an absolute joy to stitch as it gives me a nice break from the more complicated images.
As you can see I've now completed two sections including the gold Kreinik backstitch. I hate backstitch, so for this one I'm going to do it as I finish each letter/number.

Here's what it will look like when it's finished:

Finally, for today, I have a long-awaited update for Mother's Love.
A whole debacle over the fabric resulted in me starting this three times (including this attempt).

The 25 and 27 count fabrics I tried were not suitable (too loose/flimsy) so I opted to go with the 28ct Monaco evenweave I mentioned in my last blog entry.

Well, that arrived yesterday and I got cracking straight away!

This is what I did in just a few hours:

I'm pretty proud of myself for making good progress. This image also shows the width and length of the page I'm working on...which is a nice side effect of the colour I started with. I do like it when I can see what I'm aiming for.

For anyone who can't remember, this is what Mother's Love will look like when it's completed.
That section I've done is the top left corner. Long way to go but I'm really enjoying working with 28ct!

Both Mother's Love and 2QT2BSTR8 can be purchased from my website by clicking HERE



  1. Your WIPs are coming along really well. i think it's a great idea to have a "simpler" pattern to work on when you've got more than one big project on the go.

    1. Totally agree Bea, it seems to be working for me. :-)

  2. I's good to see that finally all you're currently planned projects are on the way (I think there was one more that was replaced by Mother's Love?) and I'm really looking forward to seeing more regular stitching updates from you again ^_^

  3. Hi Leonore. Mother's Love replaced 'Awwoo' from Paine Free Crafts. However, I actually intend to start 'Awwoo' shortly as I have the material and a spare frame! It feels good to be stitching on a more regular basis, I admit. It's great to have started a business doing something I love; and I hope it goes from strength to strength - but not at the sacrifice of my stitching! :-)

    1. That's true! And only a stitcher would be able to know what stitchers want and put the right kind of care into making the patterns, so if you're not stitching enough, people might hesitate to buy from you. So clearly, taking time to stitch is just a business investion after all! ^_^

    2. Exactly. That's also one of the reasons why I'm stitching one of my own designs (Mother's Love). I want people to be able to see what one of my designs looks like finished - as well as having that design on my wall; as I love it!

  4. After seeing you photo of the 28 count I think I'm going to give it a try. The count size sounded too much for my eyes but your photo has convinced me to give it a try. I'll order a small piece and try working up a little project while I'm at work to see how it goes. That way I won't have invested a great deal of money if it doesn't work out. You must have been so irritated throwing out material in your attempts to get Mother's Love started! My Halloween Cameo is moving along. I have 5 pages out of the 9 I will be stitching completed.

    1. Well done you on the cameo! As for 28 ct, I really do love it. Are you able to work with a magnifier? I'm not sure I could stitch it without mine; just to warn you. Hope it goes well though.

  5. I just love all of your WIP' sure are do beautiful stitching :)

  6. I love the Indiana Jones piece !

  7. I too found it interesting to read about your new fabric choice as well. Started a piece a couple of years ago on 25 count Lugana. Had read many loving & raving stories about it and figured it would be a success. Well turns out I hated it. Thought the threads were oddly thick and the holes huge compared to the thread size. But I bought it so I 'forced' myself to work on it for 3 months.

    Then figured I am the Sheriff of my 'cross stitching police', which only consists of me anyway (why do I do that to myself I wonder) and decided to set it aside and start something else on different fabric.

    Recently started stitching on linen -.including a small project on 27 CT linen banding 1 x 1, and find I much enjoy that. Would have never expected that to be the case.

    And even though I think that partially stitched pieces like samplers, or the current project I am working on that's an Ink Circles design, look the best on linen, I have to admit that I still love Aida the most.

    For quite a few years I have been working on 18 count Aida and I absolutely love it. It's easy to work with and I like how the stitches look. Have never had an issue with fractional stitches and find them no big deal to do on Aida, plus I love the pinhead stitch.

    I does have me wonder and ponder something. Does linen once finished actually look much better compared to Aida (which can also be hand dyed of course) when it comes to pieces where the fabric shows?

    What do you think? How do you compare your experience of Monaco to Aida?

    (And I apologize if am not using the correct terminology - I have no idea if there are terms for 'full coverage' and 'partial coverage' pieces. The only differentiator I know is Sampler for samplers.....)

    Also, would love a blog post where you compare fabric like you did with the conversion software. Just an idea! ;)


  8. Hi Bianca. Great reply by the way!

    My experiences with different types of fabric are still in their infancy, so an article would be a little sparse of detail at the moment. But, further down the line I think I would do something like that.

    As for linen. I think that linen has a softer, more antique look about it when framed. So for designs such as Mirabilia or Lavender & Lace it's a great way of accentuating the antique style. So, for a lot of samplers linen looks great, for the same reasons.

    But, when it comes to most other types of designs - my own included - I don't think it makes a difference. To my knowledge aida doesn't go up to 28 count (could be wrong on that), so I am using evenweave. For the very face that the weave is even! LOL! The one thing about linen I'm not a fan of is the varying thicknesses in the weave threads. Also, with Monaco, I guess one of the reasons I really like it, is because it actually feels more like an aida!

    Finally, I apologise for taking a while to answer you. I've been so busy with my business that I've really not had the time to come on to my blog. I'm hoping that will change in the near future!

    Take care