Thursday 28 August 2014

Partial WiP, But really about other stuff article....

So, let's start with the WIP.
This is still page 1 of Mother's Love. I'm making progress, but it does feel a little slow.
Sadly, this week, I haven't really had much time to do much stitching.

I've had a few appointments outside the home, I've been trying to sign more artists to my company, and, to be perfectly honest, I've been incredibly tired this week. Seem to be having more than my fair share of afternoon naps. Starting to feel like an old man! LOL! It's probably just the last few weeks catching up with me.
 But, this does mean there's not a lot I can update anyone with that's about my this post is going to be about other things.

Firstly, my cat.
Gorgeous, contrary, and loving she and her sister Olivia, are my absolutely joy (even if her name is now tainted by that horrible terrorist group! She's named after the Egyptian goddess of love!)

Anyway, she has a scratch post which her sister completely ignores. Even so, every so often she chooses to scratch the new armchair we moved the scratch post so she'd choose the right thing.
But, this is how she chose to use it:

When asked Is that you footrest, Isis? she answered and I managed to catch it with the camera. So, there she is saying Yes as only cats can! :-)

So, while I've been busy doing work-related tasks, or just watching CSI: NY as that's all I have the energy for, Nigel has been hard at work being very creative.

For the first time in years he dug out his art supplies and started to draw.
I guess, given his love of Downton Abbey it should come as no surprise that he chose the characters from that show to be his subjects.

Personally, given that he hasn't drawn/painted for about 3 years, I think he's done an amazing job. Just think what he could achieve if he had more time to practice!

First up is Anna Bates. Loyal ladies maid.

Then we have Lady Edith.

And finally, Lady Mary

Hope you like them, and don't be surprised if more appear! He's just bought more art supplies, so I don't think he plans to stop for a while.
I'm very proud of him!


  1. At least Isis uses it! My two totally ignore the scratching post (except to occasionally using it to leap on a window sill) no matter where I put it..

    I'm very impressed with the drawings - multi-talented household you two have. Keep up the good work, both of you.

    1. Cats are such contrary creatures...but I love 'em!...and thank you for the compliment! :-)

  2. Wow! Nigel's rendering of the Downton ladies is spot on. He definitely has talent. I can see you charting those. I recently saw some Downton charts that were for sale in a LNS that were primitive and in my opinion horrendous. I asked if they had been selling and the owner said yes.

    1. Sadly, the dreaded copyright words rears up with those pictures of the Downton ladies. While they're just pictures for fun they're classed as fan art and are perfectly ok...but if I were to try and make money from them I'd be in deep you know what.

      Nigel says thanks though! :-)

  3. Well I was thinking about that yesterday. Then I put Al Digit into the mix and thought wouldn't it be great if he could develop a picture included a footman from the neck down, a silver salver with an envelope that said "The Dowager Countess, a gloved hand reaching for it, all in the library. Or some such thing. You can produce a chart in the theme and on the topic without breaking copyright if you're clever. "Dowager Countess" is not copyright. I know you follow my drift of thought.

    1. I think you need to speak to Alessandro! :-)