Thursday 4 September 2014

WIP Update...and a lot of other Guff

 Anyone who is a member of my Facebook group (HERE) will probably know that I recently ran a competition which meant I had to concentrate on stitching Mother's Love. Not much of a chore, I have to admit. As I've said previously, I'm really enjoying stitching on 28 count fabric.

But, it's really great to have finished the first page and be onto the second. Yesterday, I did the top section of page 2.
I really like to get a feel for the size as quickly as possible; so I worked my way across the page. Now I know the width and it seems a lot more achievable now!

For anyone who doesn't know, this is what it will look like when done..and I'm working from left to right at the top.

In other cross-stitch related news, I am pleased to say I've signed another artist to my company.
His name is Christopher Symes and I love his space-scapes as I like to think of them.

So far, two have been released; but there are more to come.

The first release was Big Brother, so named because Chris felt the little planet was being protected by the big planet.

The other art Chris supplied was unnamed; but I really liked the idea of assigning 'Big' to these designs. Space is infinitely big, and it just seemed right to continue the theme with his other pieces.
So, I promptly came up with some names and submitted them...and Chris approved! Yay!

So, the second release was Something Big. So named because, to me, it felt as though the planet was watching the unknown object hurtling towards it from space.

More in the 'Big' series coming soon!

Well, that's it for cross-stitch related news. Well, almost....a teaser if you will....there are three more new artists waiting in the wings....if only they would take the leap and fly!

So, moving on...
Nigel has done another Downton Abbey piece of fan art.
This is his rendition of Branson...and it's now on the wall with the others.

The rest of this article is really a mop-up of things I've just forgotten to speak about!

We recently went for a day trip to Nottingham and I bought this:
 I'm a self-confessed film-buff so when I saw this miniature from one of my favourite films I just had to buy it.
It's a little tray full of real sand, a miniature Taylor on horseback, and a replica Statue of Liberty...that when activated recites Charlton Heston's final words from the film:
"You Maniacs! You blew it up! Ah, damn you! God damn you all to hell!"

It goes without saying that I was in movie-geek heaven putting this together and recreating an iconic movie scene. Love it!

Lastly, something spooky!
 The other morning Nigel awoke and got a little freaked out by the massive face in our bedroom:

A testament to one of the MANY reasons why a walking machine should not be used a clothes stand! (His clothes I might add! I put mine away!)

Well, that's it for now. I hope everyone enjoys whatever they're doing.

All the best



  1. Brilliant - the 'face' made me chuckle...

    I would love to learn how to make my own designs... (just for my own use)...I might have to buy the software and play with it....someday. Have over 100 patterns in my stash of which I kitted about 10. The downside of Facebook is that I so love seeing others' work that I spent hours each day on there....hence am not getting much stitching done.

    Am cheering you on from the sidelines as am stoked you decided to launch your own company. Hope you're making sales...I can imagine it might be tough, although you're quite well known before you started, which hopefully is paying off.;)

    Have fun with it!

    1. Hi Bianca! Glad you enjoyed this entry.

      I've been very lucky. My blog was embraced and supported by a lot of enthusiastic people (like you!) and it was because of that I decided it might be worth giving a charting business a try. I also received a lot of help from a friend on the technical side.

      I am making sales. I don't think I'll ever be rich....but that's not what this is about really. I wanted to make a little bit of money to spend on treats doing something I really enjoy.

      I'm achieving that every day...what more can a person ask for? :-)

  2. Mother's Love is coming along really well. You're getting a real variety of charts for your company - that's really nice to see.

    Love the "face" story!

    1. Hi Bea. I'm really glad about the variety too. When I started I really wanted to have a good range of designs. I see lots of companies who just stock fantasy and, while I love that, it can get a little boring. Hopefully, that's not something my company will ever be. :-)