Friday 22 August 2014

WIPped But Never Beaten! Mega Progress Report

First up we have Day 2 of Awwoo from PaineFreeCrafts.
The moment I saw this design I knew I had to stitch it and I've finally started!
This particular picture has been designed with the option to stitch the white background too. Personally, I'm choosing not to do that. I also think this decision will make the colours stand out more.
I've started in the top left corner.

When finished it will look like this:

Next up is my easy design I'm doing between the others. This is 2QT2BSTR8.

When finished it will look like this:

 Next up is a design from one of my favourite companies Tilton Crafts (yes, I know I shouldn't say that about the competition...but, really, who cares about that sort of rubbish!? Oh, wait, pretty much everyone else does! :-) )
Anyway, this is my progress on page 1 of So Lonely.
I'm still loving every stitch and I know this is going to be amazing when it's done.

When finished, this is what it will look like:

Finally, an update on Mother's Love, from my own company Eclectic Bloke Designs.
This is from a painting by Caroline Lord.
What you're looking at is page 1, and as you can see, I've managed to define the shape of the page already.
 I'm really enjoying this one too.

I started in the top left corner (right under my watermark!) When finished, the design will look like this:

 So Lonely, Mother's Love and Awwoo! are all being stitched on 28ct Charles Craft Monaco fabric. 1 thread over 1.

Finally, here is my Tanto so far.
As I mentioned ages ago, I use a Tanto mainly with kits, but when I'm doing 6 WIPs I'm finding it very helpful. As I cut a length of floss from one of my bobbins, I store it on my Tanto for easier access.

I may not get so much time to stitch any more, but I really can't complain.
I love charting the art I get given and I love the interaction with the friends and customers I'm meeting.
The sacrifice may be a little of my stitching time, but I think it's worth it.



  1. Wow, and I thought that I have many projects to stitch, but with yours collosi they seem to be quick and easy ^^ I wish you good luck and many and happy time to stitch :)

  2. Those are such great projects - I'm enjoying your updates. I'm looking forward to having my own Tanto for my larger projects.

  3. Great progress on Mother's Love!! Glad you're working away at your design. Seeing completed works will help customers commit. There are so many shabby "designers" out there. I know some people are becoming wary of buying from unknown sites because of bad experiences.

    1. I agree! I'm hoping that as more people post pictures of my charts as WIP updates people will find my company!

  4. Hi Neil. How do you keep track of what the number of the color is once it's on the Tanto?

    1. Hi Colleen. Each hole in the Tanto has a number (1-50). So you just write the number next to the colour on whichever chart it belongs to. So, this means you can basically have a Tanto full of thread from multiple WIPs and never lose track of which is which. :-)

  5. I'm sure I'd go crazy with that many WIPs on the go at once, but you're holding up really well! Can't wait for more progress shots on each of those :)

    1. LOL! I'm really enjoying it...and I hope that continues! Of course, madness may set in..we shall see.