Tuesday 5 August 2014

Nigel, A Stool and the Downton Abbey Cushion

My partner Nigel is currently on a week's leave, and one of the things we like to do together is browse our local (local towns and cities that is) charity shops, antique shops, car boot sales (that's flea market/thrift store to my US readers).

We're always on the lookout for a bargain. It's also a really good way of supporting a wide range of charities, which is something we like to do as well.

The stool pictured was found in the town of Alford in one of their junk shops (not as nice as a charity shop or antique store).
Primarily it was rubbish...but this oak-legged stool was hidden in a corner.
You can't really tell from this picture but that material was disgusting. Stained, tatty and a little on the smelly side!
But, it was also only £3 and it was solid. No wobbly legs!

On the way home from our day out we stopped at our local needlework shop (LNS to those in the know!) Camelot Crafts, where, in addition to the Teresa Wentzler Carousel Horses chart book and Qsnap-equivalent frame for me, Nigel bought a handful of material swatches.

They were called the official Downton Abbey Range.
As a huge DA fan, it was a no brainer for Nigel to buy them. A plan was forming.

But, first....that stool!

Delving into his stash of fabric, Nigel spent a couple of hours cleaning and re-upholstering the stool until it looked like this:
I loved it! And so did our cat, Olivia:

First thing this morning - while I was hard at work! LOL! - Nigel took a trip to the local haberdasher to pick up some braiding for his stool, which he finished when he got home!

With the stool done, the next task was to design and create his patchwork Downton Abbey cushion!

Here's the back of the finished cushion:

And here's the front.
The purple colour is called Lady Mary. Also, of special notes, is the fact that he covered some buttons with material from the back to tie it all together.

I think he's done an incredible job!

Here's the two of them together:

It's a wonderful thing to have a partner who can create such beautiful things for our home!
The cushion cost about £18 to make and the stool cost £7.50!

In my opinion you couldn't buy something this nice in a shop!

So, a round of applause for my amazing partner, Nigel!!!


  1. Hurray for Nigel!! He is very talented. You are both talented creative artists. I too am a Downtown Abbey fan. Well more like an obsessive fan of the show to be honest.

    1. What's not to love with a bit of Downton!?

  2. Nigel is AWESOME!! It seems he is just as creatively talented as you are. What a wonderful pair you make <3

    1. Thank you Carla! He'll be tickled pink to read that!

  3. Wow, Nigel is one talented sewer (that words sounds so wrong, but my dictionary ensures me that it also means what I meant it to mean...), those are awesome! Have you ever done any collaboration projects, like a cross stitch quilt or something?

    1. Hi Leonore, the closest we have got is Nigel turning some of my projects into cushions. The most collaborative of those was the Woodland Folk cushion which we designed together - but he put together. You can find pictures of that on here. Just use the labels to find 'cushion' and you should find it.

  4. Super impressed with the stool and pillow. That is a very talented partner you have.