Friday 1 August 2014

Siberian Gold Tigers - Day 54....FINALLY a new WIP update!

And on the 54th day of stitching I reached the final cross.
Yep, it's true the principal stitching work is now finished.

All I have left to do is the I would say, with a little determination and will power I can get this finished by the end of the weekend.
(Finally, eh, Caroline! :-) )

I have to admit, it's a stunning design and I will be sad to see it go.

So, it will mean that very soon I will be able to continue with my new WIP Mother's Love from my own company.
In case you've forgotten what that looks like, here it is:

Also, my partner Nigel has been incredibly busy with work lately so he hasn't managed to do any of his Ice Cream Truck cross stitch pillow.

However, never one to curb his creativity entirely for the sake of the 9-5 grind, he did manage to throw out this little number:
The last of the red ribbon, and a bunch of retro-style material, piping and buttons and we have another cushion for the sofa.
He's proud of himself - and quite rightly in my opinion!

So, fellow stitchers, I hope you're all sewing away madly and creating your own works of art.
I also hope you visit my website and come back to my blog for my next WIP update.



  1. Well that answers the question Julie and I had about Nigel's progress on the ice cream truck! Love the pillow. He is very talented. The tigers are gorgeous. Terrific job!

    1. Thanks Angela! We both appreciate it! :-)

  2. Hi Neil, 1st of all Thanks for your very helpful quick response to me falling apart in a panic over starting my 1st BAP. I've done about 70 sts and I can't understand why I bought Magic Guide fabric as it's no use to me on this WIP. I'm loving the tigers that's a stunning piece of art, have you ever done a commissioned job for someone but NOT wanted to give them the finished project cause you've fallen in love with it?

  3. Hi Vanessa, You're welcome. I've never used Magic Guide fabric before, but my understanding is that if you can set yourself a goal of doing one MG square each session it grows quickly. Personally, just doing that with my chart is easy enough.

    The only design I've never wanted to give away is the tigers. I haven't done very many commissions (usually too many of my own things I want to stitch), so when I do I have the luxury of only saying yes to designs I like. I fell in love with these tigers the moment I saw them.

  4. Congratulations on finishing the crossstitch on the tigers. Hope you manage to do the backstitch this weekend. I have ordered fabric for Mother Love though should leave stating it until have finished others., but your blogs may persuade me otherwise!

    1. Hi Avril. Thanks re tigers! For obvious reasons I think you should start Mother's Love straight away! LOL! I'm really looking forward to cracking on with it myself.

  5. Tigers is such a stunning piece - great stitching! Looking forward to seeing the completion. Love the pillow - it's beautifully finished and the colours are great.

    1. Thanks Bea, I love those tigers but I will be glad to see it finished.