Thursday 3 July 2014

Lion King - Deluxe 20th Anniversary Expanded Soundtrack

20th Anniversary Expanded Edition
The first release in Disney's new line of Deluxe CDs, entitled The Legacy Collection.
In my opinion The Lion King is the perfect choice for this Deluxe treatment. One of the things I've always loved about Disney soundtracks is that they cover my two favourite styles: Score and Musical. But, the original Lion King soundtrack was missing so much of Hans Zimmer's beautiful score it was insulting. Watching the film you hear all that beautiful African themed music and it makes the spirit soar. It captures the heart and takes the story of Simba to new heights.
In short the score is the soul of The Lion King.
So, for that score to be so poorly represented on the first release of the soundtrack was a big disappointment. This was rectified slightly with the release of the brilliant Rhythm of the Pridelands which brought the incredible Lebo M to centre stage. Finally, when combined, much of the music from The Lion King was represented. Most, but not all - still missing was much of Zimmer's score.
While I don't think this release has given us a complete score, it's gone a long way to bridging the gap. Here we have three times as much score. Plus original Demo versions of the score. Plus two bonus songs - one of which never made it into any version of the film. This is the version of The Lion King film soundtrack I always wanted to hear.
It's also nicely presented in a hardback book style case, with full lyrics, some notes about the making of the film and some original concept art work.
Finally, the listening experience is as close to watching the film as you can get. The mood is there. The atmosphere is present. Now, you can follow the story through the music as each cue has been placed on the discs in order they appear in the film.
If you only ever buy one Disney soundtrack, surely it has to be this one? Utter brilliance from beginning to end. 
Disc 1:
1. Circle of Life / Nants' Ingonyama (Song)
2. Didn't Your Mother Tell You Not to Play with Your Food (Score)
 3. We Are All Connected (Score)
4. Hyenas in the Pride Land (Score)
5. I Just Can't Wait to Be King (Song)
6. Elephant Graveyard (Score)
7. I Was Just Trying to Be Brave (Score)
8. Be Prepared (Song)
9. Simba, It's To Die For (Score)
10. Stampede (Score)
11. Mufasa Dies (Score)
12. If You Ever Come Back We'll Kill You (Score)
13. Bowling For Buzzards (Score)
14. Hakuna Matata (Song)
15. We Gotta Bone to Pick With You (Score)
16. Kings of the Past (Score)
17. Nala, Is it Really You? (Score)
18. Can You Feel the Love Tonight (Song)
19. Remember Who You Are (Score)
20. This is My Home (Score)
21. The Rightful King (Score)
Disc 2:
1. The Morning Report (Song)
2. Warthog Rhapsody (Song)
3. We Are All Connected (Score Demo)
4. I Was Just Trying to Be Brave (Score Demo
5. Stampede (Score Demo
6. Mufasa Dies (Score Demo)
7. This is My Home (Score Demo)
8. The Rightful King (Score Demo)
9. Circle of Life (Performed by Elton John)
10. I Just Can't Wait to Be King (Performed by Elton John)
11. Can You Feel the Love Tonight (End Title) (Performed by Elton John)  

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