Friday 4 July 2014

My Independence Day....including Today's Stitchy Haul!

2 years ago today I stopped smoking. I'd been a smoker for 30 years and I still can't believe I stopped. But, I'm so glad I did!
Giving up smoking truly gained ME independence!

So, for my second anniversary my partner took me out for the day to celebrate.

Our first stop was a nearby town by the name of Bourne (in Lincolnshire) and our first stop was the craft shop: The Crafty Patch.
(Facebook page: The Crafty Patch)

This lovely little shop is a dying breed - the independently run business catering to craft lovers. She stocks a very good range of Cross Stitch Kits along with masses of other craft related stock - especially wool.
Definitely worth a browse if you're in the neighbourhood.
Bourne itself is also a very nice market town, with some great shops and eateries.
Also, a good range of charity shops.

My logic told me that if there was a craft shop in the town then some of that craft would find it's way to the local charity shops.
I'm very glad to say I was correct.
Here's what I got today:
(No my cat - the lovely Isis - didn't come with the stash)

As you can see I got a lap stand/hoop. A miniature scroll frame for those pesky small projects. An artists canvas - to have a go at mounting a design. And last, but not least, a Thomas Kinkade cross stitch kit - which looks to be complete.
The entire stash cost only £8. Bargain!

After Bourne we headed over to one of our favourite places in the whole of the UK. Stamford. A couple of years ago Stamford was voted most desirable place to live in the UK! As a result property prices soared.
Still, one day we would love to live there - we may even be able to if our house sells soon!

So, we arrived, parked and strolled into town - making sure to cross the main river:

Once in the town we, once again, remembered why we wanted to live there.
The lovely sandstone buildings lining the streets:

We spent a good hour strolling around the shops. In and out of the various charity shops too (resulting a very healthy CD haul I have to admit!).
Before finally stopping at a lovely Italian restaurant for my anniversary lunch.
Pizza for Nigel and Mushroom Tagliatele for me. Yum!
Nigel couldn't resist the urge to scour the cake shop for something to have later.

While I waited nearby - clearly having had far too much cake over recent years!

Eventually, we strolled back to the car (stopping in more shops and an antique centre along the way). We paused for a while on the lovely bridge to take in our surroundings:

Re-visiting Stamford firmly established in our minds why we want to live there. In addition to it's beautiful architecture and surroundings it has a thriving community, vibrant town centre and a wonderful atmosphere. It also has a Morrisons (our favourite supermarket) and a Dominos Pizza (our favourite pizza!) what more could we want?
The property prices to drop just enough so we can afford to live there!


  1. Very nice day by the looks of it

  2. It is very simple and easy to lace a finished cross stitch over canvas. I have done it to a few of mine. The no frame look is very stunning to look at. I put a bit of thin ply wood over the back to protect the lacing. Pity I can not up load a photo to show you. Lovely stash you got. Thomas Kinkade uses a lot of french knots. I am not a fan of them.