Thursday 10 July 2014

My Writing....


Yes, it's true. I am also an author.
Don't get too excited though! This is more of a light hobby than a vocation.
I love to write, but I find it a very frustrating process - which is why I don't do it very often.
My preference is for horror, but I have tried fantasy and thriller too.
Over the years I've somehow managed to write enough short stories to compile a small volume.
But, venturing into the world of publishing was terrifying. So, I started small - with a short story. And digital only. None of my stories are in print - but if you own a Kindle then maybe you might like to try them out.
My first published short story is The Infant Kiss a nasty little tale about a young boy enacting his revenge on his neglectful dad.
(You can buy The Infant Kiss as a standalone short story, or in my compilation collection Mindworks)
Once I had a couple of positive reviews I then decided to release a compilation volume.
Mindworks is that compilation.

Some time later someone requested that I write a follow up to The Infant Kiss, which became The Infant Choice.

The short story collection has an eclectic mix of styles and subjects.
The River in My Mind is a story about the dangers of psychic ability.
The Infant Kiss I mention above.
Ethics covers an act of revenge by a young boys pets.
Amy and The Face in the Window are both ghost stories.
 House of Shadows is about a childhood dare gone wrong (it's also one of my favourites)
A Pocket Full of Posies focuses on a bizarre train journey.
The Manipulation of Johnny Tucker is about anger, betrayal and revenge.
A Christmas Visitor is about a visit from a very special Santa.
The Secret Heart is about the last werewolf.
Beauty's Beast is also a werewolf story - but of a totally different kind (another of my favourites).
I'm currently working on Mindworks II.
I've already written Eligible which is about a highly desire bachelor with a dark secret.
And, I'm in the process of writing another story called C.H.A.V. - although that's taking longer than I'd hoped...probably because I spend too much time cross stitching.
I've also written a pretty bad novel and have nearly finished a second. None of which will ever see the light of day without a serious re-write!
But, if you like short stories then please feel free to support a fledgling writer and check out my stories.
Told you my blog would cover lots of different interests!


  1. What is it about stitching and writing?! It was my third novel that got to see the light of day as the first two didn't really work. Then I discovered the snowflake method of planning. It still allows you to be creative but it makes sure you keep the story going throughout (which was my problem). I earn my living as a writer so short stories are a bit too much like the day job for me - but congratulations on what you've achieved. Here's a thought though - the wonderful world of e-publishing means that the novella (20,000-30,000 words) is a place that can be explored by many more writers. If some of your short stories can have sequels is this a logical place for you to go?

    1. Thanks for the comment Louise, and believe me, it's all stuff I think about. Maybe when I get the writing bug back I will attempt a novella. Or just edit my first book - the story is good, but the execution leaves something to be desired! LOL.

  2. I find the writing bug and the stitching bug fight for mastery of my enthusiasm...