Monday 7 July 2014

Siberian Gold Tigers - Day Bargains

For most people the weekend is the time when they get to do the things they don't have time for during the week. For me, it always works out the other way around.

My partner works full time and I'm currently unemployed. So, in addition to keeping our house lovely, I have all the time in the world (cue Louis Armstrong song in my head!) to pursue my hobbies. But, at the weekend it's our time together, so I rarely get much stitching done.

This weekend was slightly different. Nigel had Friday off too (to celebrate the 2-year anniversary of me stopping smoking - see previous blog post) and we went out all day. Then, on Saturday, we went to our local town of Skegness and did a bit of mooching around the shops (and the ever-boring food shopping).
But, I managed to get about an hour of stitching done too. Yay!

Yesterday, we decided to stay in, and we BOTH spent hours stitching.
The result?
I finished Page 7 of the Siberian Tigers (just one 3/4 page to go!) and Nigel made a huge dent in his Ice Cream Van Cushion design:
For someone who doesn't have the cross stitch bug I think he does a great job whenever he sets his mind to it. For Nigel, though, it's a craft that just takes way too long to see a result. He's enjoying this one much more now it's starting to look like something!

Someone recently commented on another post on my blog that she was jealous that I earn a living from stitching.
I don't! LOL!
I wish I could. The few commissions I've done are for pocket money. I get paid for my time; not a wage. Also, I only ever agree to stitch for someone else if I like the design - something I couldn't do if it was my job.
No, cross stitch is something I do for the love of it. on to the bargains section of my post.
Firstly, I would like to point people in the direction of the nifty little Amazon widget on my blog. It's on the right hand side and it displays bargains on
Whenever I see something I think people might be interested in I add it to the widget. So, have a look there too as you may find something you like.

Todays bargains fall into two categories: Family and Cats. Three of each. Hope there's something you like!



  1. Love nigels ice cream van ,my hubby doesnt stitch but i have started one of his hobbys which is fishing but i do take a snall cross stitch to do while waiting for the fish to bite

  2. Thanks Debbie. Fishing! I'd have to take cross stitch too! LOL.

  3. I taught both my sons to stitch when they were 8 years old. They didn't continue to stitch into adulthood but when I give them a gift of cross stitch they appreciate the item because they both know how much time it takes to complete the project.

    1. I'm glad they appreciate the work you do!

  4. The tigers are nearly done and I have to say....its the big finish Im looking forward to so much!