Thursday 3 July 2014

My Favourite Vampire Books


(Image courtesy of the ever-amazing Heidi Made This whose cards I have reviewed on another page)

I knew that I would eventually get around to putting something on my blog and I guess it comes as no surprise that I've decided to start with vampires.
Why? Because they're just so popular at the moment.

Thankfully, I'm old, so I've been reading vampires loooong before Twilight or The Vampire Diaries (not that there is anything wrong with those!)

So, all I'm going to give you here is a list of some of my favourites. In the future, I will review books I read (if I can ever stop cross stitching enough to pick up a book for more than 10 minutes a day!).

1. Stephen King: 'Salem's Lot
For me, this is the quintessential vampire story. Incredible characterisation and plotting and just about one of the scariest vampires (Barlow) out there. Also, the two TV adaptations were also excellent.

2. Anne Rice: Interview with the Vampire

One of the all time best vampire collections is from Anne Rice, her Vampire Chronicles series is a must-read for any lover of vampire fiction. Her characters are well rounded, flawed and utterly compelling. I've linked to a book containing the first three books in the series: Interview with the Vampire, The Vampire Lestat and The Queen of the Damned. While later books are brilliant, it's these first three that really set the bar. Brilliant.
Also, she's in October 2014, Anne Rice is releasing Prince Lestat her first book in the series for 15 years!

3. Stephenie Meyer: The Twilight Saga

What can I possibly say that hasn't already been said about the Twilight phenomena? Just this: read before you judge. Too often people are quick to criticise the success of others, or those who try to do something different.
I personally loved these books. I thought Ms. Meyer did a brilliant job of giving a totally new and unique perspective on an ages-old creature.

4. Charlaine Harris: The Sookie Stackhouse Series

Filmed as True Blood on HBO, most people who love the genre probably already know about the books. But, for anyone who doesn't you need to know this: True Blood they ain't! Less violent, less sex, less swearing but brilliant. After all, the books spawned the series! Sookie is a brilliant character and her adventures just go from strength to strength.
Sadly, Charlaine Harris has finished the series with Dead Ever After (see link above).

5. Kelley Armstrong: Women of the Otherworld Series

Another amazing series. Women of the Otherworld is quite different because Kelley Armstrong doesn't always stay with the same characters for each book. She has Vampires, but her principals are Werewolves and Witches. Still, excellent vampires appear so well worth a read. A bit of a cheat including this one, but I really love her work!
6. Laurell K. Hamilton: The Anita Blake Series

Laurell K. Hamilton's brilliant Anita Blake books have been criticised for turning into soft porn and for going on waaaaay too long (up to book 23). Personally, I've loved all of them. Yes, the earlier books are stronger on plot - they all have a strong mystery element.
But, even the later - more character driven - books have a lot to offer; especially if you like the character of Anita.
I've linked to the first book in the series.
....sort of....
There are loads more Vampire books I could list. I even own a lot more; but I just wanted to give a taster (ha ha!) for my first book entry.
I read a lot of different genres: thriller, young adult, horror, comedy, fantasy, adventure, and my mood changes from book to book.
I promise that my next entry will be a review of a specific book!


  1. Just looking through my vampire books and I seem to notice a theme - most of mine have a fair bit of romance in them :) Kerrylyn Sparks, Lara Adrian, JR Ward, Lynsay Sands, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Tanya Huff, Mary Janice Davidson, Keri Arthur and Kresley Cole being the main culprits.

    I just finished Styxx, by Sherrilyn Kenyon and have to say, I bawled my way through it - a sign of a good book in my opinion.

    One author I do love, who has a type of vampire as a main character is Anne Bishop, with her Black Jewels Trilogy (which is at about 11 books now). If you haven't given her a go, try the first int eh series, Daughter of the Blood. I highly recommend it. Darkish, intense and a few hairy moments, with some great one liners

    1. I have to admit to not being a lover of the romance vampire books. I don't mind there being an element of romance - after all we all like a bit of romance in our lives. But, when the story is all 'his rippling chest' or 'her heaving bosom' or even more graphic descriptions I just stop reading.

      So, really hated Sherrilyn Kenyon, Kresley Cole and Christine Feehan.

      Loved: J.R. Ward, Laurell K. Hamilton and Keri Arthur. I'd also recommend Rachel Caine's Morganville Vampires - more young adult but still a great read.

      From your list, I have books by some in my collection but haven't got around to reading them yet. They are: Lynsay Sands and Tanya Huff.
      The others I've not heard of but will have a look at.

  2. The Lynsay Sands ones are mostly romance, but they are very comedic. Tanya Huff's vamps, I love and adore, they were the ones that got me into vampire books to start with :) Oh, and her Valour series are really excellent too, although no vampires to be seen.

    I love seeing the different ways authors see vampires, which abilities they have, and how they came about. There are some really interesting depictions out there.

    Oh, and my favourite Anne Rice book - no vampires :) The Mummy. Loved that one. ANd Charlaine Harris - try her COld Dead series. No vampires, just a girl who was hit by lightning and now senses dead people, so she and her step brother have turned it into a business. She helps people find their dead. More detectivey, baely a hint of romance, and told in a realistc way

  3. I agree about the ways authors re-interpret. Always fun to read.

    I LOVED The Mummy too! One of her best books. The Mayfair Witches books are also excellent.

    I have the Cold Dead series by Charlaine Harris, although I haven't read them yet.