Friday 25 July 2014

COMING SOON! New Designs for my Cross Stitch company...

I recently ran a user-competition in my new company cross stitch group on Facebook: Eclectic Bloke Designs
Caroline Lord (Facebook page) chose five of her favourite pieces of art from her portfolio and my members were allowed to choose which of the five would be the next chart.

This is the design that won.
This gorgeous depiction of a lioness and her cub is called Mother's Love and will be my next Caroline Lord cross stitch release.

Caroline has also given me more pieces that I can work if you love her work, you're going to love these designs.

More HeidiMadeThis! designs are looming ever closer.

Patchwork Santa
I'm currently trying to optimise the detailing in this wonderful design; but hopefully he will be released shortly.

Also, we have one of my personal favourites 3 Wee Kings

Anyone who likes my designs and is watching will also be very pleased to read that I have approached more artists and I am just waiting to hear back from them about the possibility of working together!

So watch this space...

But, even more importantly....


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  1. Love, love Mother's Love! The other two are cute, but not quite my style. Oh dear, I can see another wish list on the horizon!