Tuesday 22 July 2014

OMG....I'm finally doing it! I'm a Businessman!

"Eclectic Bloke Designs" is a GO!

Since starting my blog I've really loved the interaction it's brought with other people - my fellow stitch-mad friends. I love the fact that you all interact and take part in my blog, I love the feedback and I love the enthusiasm. But, most of all, I love the support and encouragement that you have all shown in such a short space of time.

Who would have thought just over a month ago I would have gone from just another Facebook stitcher to having my own blog, my own cross stitch designs, my first ever Artist onboard, a registered domain name and very soon my own Website.

It's exciting and scary all rolled into one.

So far I've designed two principal charts for my new company. I like to call them The Torso Collection, but their names are Burning Up and Ice Pack. Just in case you've forgotten what they look like, here they are again:

But, with my mind set to all-systems-go with this new chapter in my life I quickly approached my dear friend Heidi of HeidiMadeThis!

I've always loved Heidi's card designs, and have often thought that many of them would convert to cross stitch very well, and appeal to my fellow stitchers.

Thankfully for me, she agreed (she has put a lot of trust and faith in me - for which I thank her from the bottom of my heart!).

So, with Halloween fast approaching we decided that the best thing to do would be to pick something from her portfolio that would appeal to lovers of that special occasion.

So we picked Cameo Skeleton and Haunted House as our first collaboration. One of the things we wanted to do was separate these cross stitch designs from their card counterparts, while still staying true to the original. We both feel we've achieved that.

And here they are:

Haunted House
  The original can be viewed HERE

Designed to be stitched on 25 count fabric.
Finished design measures approximately 11" x 10.5"
Only 17 colours are used to created this wonderful effect.

Haunted Cameo
Originally called Cameo Skeleton, the original can be viewed HERE 

This unusual and deceptively simple design is designed to be worked on 25 count fabric.
She measures approximately 8" x 8"
Only 25 colours are used.

 Currently both of my new designs are being sold via the HeidiMadeThis! Etsy page.

If you're interested in buying either of these designs you can do so by following this link: ETSY

I will hopefully have my website up and running shortly and all my current and future designs will be available through there.
I can tell you it will be called: EclecticBlokeDesigns.co.uk

I would like to thank everyone whose helped with this endeavour, but especially Sarah Paine of Paine Free Crafts, Esther Hung (Admin Extraordinaire and Fellow Stitch Nutter), Heidi Sandford for believing we could do this and, as always, to Nigel; my ever-supportive partner who has the patiences of a saint and is the most wonderful person in existence!
Thank you!


  1. I guess you don't know me as I've just been silently following until know, so first, hi there!

    And the, wow, that's great news! I didn't like your previous designs that much (they sure are well done, but it's just not my style, I hope you know what I mean), but Heidi's designs are another pair of shoes, and your conversions look just wonderful :)

    One question though, is that 'no backstitching' part set in stone for your designs? Because especially with Heidi's cards, I think some of those would look wonderful as smaller cross stitch designs with some details or writing added in backstitch...

    1. Hello Leonore and welcome!

      Nothing is set in stone. Never say Never. Initially it was my intention to do smaller versions with backstitch - but something that inherently makes these a HeidiMadeThis! design was being lost in translation.

      However, we are attempting to collaborate on a 'character' who will be smaller and involve backstitch. Don't hold your breath, but do keep your fingers crossed!

      More HeidiMadeThis! designs will be added to my collection soon!

    2. Yay, even more great news! I'll keep my eyes open :D

  2. Congratulations and good luck with your business!

    1. Thanks Bea! Hope you enjoy the blog! :-)

  3. GGAAARRRRGGGGHHHHH!!! Neil, you are an evil, mad enabler! ha, ha! I am on a pattern buying fast right now (until my list of to-do goes down to something more manageable) and you come up with Halloween?! My favorite holiday to stitch for?! All of this after I resisted going for Ice Pack?? Naughty! (My first impulse is to buy both Halloween and the Ice Pack patterns....but must resist for now).

    Naturally, I will be putting Heidi's Etsy on my fav list so I can watch that grow as the two of you grow. I'm so excited for you to have taken the leap! *insert insane clapping hands here please* and get on with something that may end up being a lovely little business later on. Don't be afraid, just feel the joy of digging into something new.

    1. That'd be your STD (Stash To be Done/Stash to Do). It's horrible when you've got an STD! ;-)

      Thanks for the encouragement Carla! All I can say is that I'm doing my job right if you're having trouble resisting my designs! I just need to do a little better...and then resistance would be futile! :-) Take care and HAPPY STITCHING!

  4. I'm just waiting for the website to start to purchase the cameo. Her work is beautiful. You are choosing great artists to work with in your new business. It's all falling into place. I've believed in you since we starting chatting. The is going to be huge just wait and see!

    1. Thanks Angela, you're support is amazing and I really appreciate it at this VERY busy time! LOL!