Monday 14 July 2014

Siberian Gold Tigers Day 51....But, for once, it's NOT just about me!

 I have to admit progress is slow. There are a number of reasons for this.
A. I'm terrible at finishing. I always seem to cling on with every fibre of my being.
B. The last few days I've had chest pains - so sitting in my chair has been uncomfortable.
C. I've been preparing/planning my next project so it's all ready to go when I finish.

Hopefully, I'll pull my finger out and crack on shortly.
Still, I did manage to spread about 4.5 hours worth over the weekend! Yay!

So, with no further ado I now move on to my partner, Nigel's handiwork.
I've mentioned elsewhere that he's a dab hand with the sewing machine, but not a fan of cross stitch. I'm very proud to say that he's stuck with his latest cross stitch project and is making good progress.

This is 'Ice Cream Truck' from a recent issue of Cross Stitcher.
It will eventually be made into a cushion.

Talking of cushions....
Nigel always has his eyes open for that next amazing piece of material and, as a result, we have swatches all over the house.
Yesterday, he decided it was about time he made some with two wonderful pieces he had in his stash.
Here's the result:
Although they can actually go either way.
He's adorned them with his favourite red checked ribbon and a 70's retro wooden button for each side.

I think it looks great and he's done an amazing job as always.


  1. Wow that pillow is gorgeous! I'd buy that in a minute. He is very talented. Sorry to hear you're not feeling well. Hope today is better for you. I will remember you in my prayers today. (Gee I hope you don't mind I say that. I'm not proselytizing. I don't care whether people believe in anything or not. I just believe in people.)

  2. I love reading your blogs, thanks for posting. Curious about the stitching frame the ice cream truck wip is in. I have 2 of them that I bought about 25 or more years ago and now that I'm back into cross stitch I can't find them anywhere to buy.

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    1. I'm sorry...whoever you are. I hit the wrong button and your question was removed. You were asking about the frame the Ice Cream truck is on.

      It's called an Able Stretcher. The link to buy it can be found on the top left of my blog (Favouite Sites) and also on this page of my blog:

  4. That's a gorgeous pillow! I love to cross stitch, but I'm hopeless with a sewing machine. The tigers are beautiful. Hope you feel better soon. I found your blog through the Tilton Crafts FB group - glad you've joined us there. You should also check out Love Thy Thread ( and Colour Cascade Fabrics ( for some of the most fabulous fabrics you'll find. Looking forward to reading more of your blog.

  5. Margaret Baxter15 July 2014 at 01:14

    Hoe yu are feeling better. Love the cushion, especially the transport side.