Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Stitching Stash...We've All Got One!

Yep, here it is! The dreaded stash that all cross stitch addicts have.
You may have yours hidden at the back of the closet so your husband/boyfriend/partner doesn't find it.
You may have it neatly organised in a dedicated room or space.
Or, like me, you may have it in boxes - waiting for the day when it can have a dedicated space!

But, why do we do it?
Most of us know that after a few years we've got more in our stash than we could stitch in our lifetime (especially those of use who are more seasoned!); so why can't we resist the urge to just buy ONE MORE?

Personally, it reminds me of being a smoker.
Oh, I need one!
Seriously, if I don't have that I'll be miserable for hours!
What harm will one more do now?

Sound familiar?
Then there are the magazines! I know most countries have a few magazines dedicated to our craft. The UK seems to have LOADS.
Most of the time those magazines are full of fluff; but, every so often, a chart catches the eye and gets put in the stash.

See that picture above? I have four boxes that size full of stitching-related stuff. I also have four of those plastic folders (all different colours of course!) and each one is full of charts. They're all sorted into subject: Animals, Alphabets, Christmas, Houses, Seasonal, Birthdays....well, you get the point.

The chances are I'll never get around to using a fraction of what's in those folders - but I just can't seem to get rid of them.

A few years ago my Mum passed away and when we cleared her house we found one room (the room we were never allowed to go into!) full to the ceiling with rubbish. It was like one of those hoarder programmes. It was frightening! And a warning to me!
I've always been a bit of a hoarder, but seeing the piles of magazines (some from the 80's) and newspapers (also from decades ago) amongst bags of old clothes etc. just made me reassess my habits.

At that point I probably had -stacked around the house - 400 magazines (film, cross stitch, music). Within a week of clearing Mum's house I got rid of the lot.
The music and film magazines went for recycling.
The cross stitch magazines I butchered.
I went through cutting out the patterns I wanted to keep. The remains went to recycling.
It was very cathartic.
It also heralded a change. I no longer hoard, and I'm really good at getting rid of things instead of sticking them in a cupboard.

Except for CROSS STITCH!

Although, I did manage to reduce my stash of kits from 22 to 17. Unfortunately, a recent trend on Amazon.co.uk of selling kits at very cheap prices has led to a jump from 17 to 29!
Hey ho! Ho hum! Oh dear! Oh, well! Oh, goody!!!

So, with no further ado....here's my stash of kits:
These are my most recent acquisitions.
Janlynn's Seasonal Samplers: Autumn, Summer, Spring and Winter.
Dimension's Wise Owl, Santa Stocking and Seaside Cottages.
Candamar's Thomas Kincade 'Everett's Cottage'
The links to buy these kits on Amazon.co.uk can be found in the bargain widget or in other posts on my blog.

I can't remember the name of all of these kits, but if there's something you like and want to know the name of I'll have a look.
The one's I DO know are:
Janlynn: Winter Carousel Horse by Teresa Wentzler
Janlynn Elephant
Mirabilia Titania (I have the material pack too, which is why it's pictured).
Humphrey's Corner: Humphrey & Rudolph and Seaside (not sure of name).
The Heir (Merman)
Paine Free Crafts' 'Awwoo'
The Guardian from Dimensions Gold Collection.
Stonehenge bookmark.
North Country Silhouettes (enough to make 3).
Tatty Teddy
All Our Yesterdays bookmark/keyring kit.

Charlie's Ark x 8 (I have the charts for the rest)
Dimensions - Frederick the Literate
Dimensions Gold - Santa's Sleigh Stocking
Janlynn Wildlife Series - Bear, Lion and Wolf

And, just when I thought it was safe to put it all away, I found another kit hiding in my desk. I have an antique roll-top desk and it was hidden in one of those cubby holes!!! I'd completely forgotten about it.
Midnight Snowman from Dimensions Gold Petite range.

So, there you have it. My stash. I'm sure it will get bigger as time goes by (and probably in the very near future). I love cross stitch (in case you haven't guessed) and I'd rather be doing that than sat in front of the TV with a slack expression on my face - or playing some mind-numbing computer game!
But hey, each to their own.



  1. Looks like you're a little light on the stash front there- you must remedy that immediately LOL!

  2. I just did! Couldn't resist. I'll be posting details very soon!

  3. But where are the fabrics and fibers? Then there are the beads and treasures, multiple scissors, etc. No self respecting stash is complete without them! (Do I sound like I have a problem?)

    1. No multiple scissors here - but everything else is in the other 3 boxes, like the one pictured. :-) If you have a problem, then so do I!

  4. You have quite a nice stash started. I luckily have a room dedicated to my passion. Of course, I made an executive decision that the dining room was no longer needed as it was only used on special occasions and took it. I have a big Florida room that can be converted to a large eating space if needed. Was it a popular decision, I don't know, as I really didn't bother to ask. I am still looking at the remaining china cabinet and trying to figure out a way to empty it and put my stitching stuff in it. One day I'll take pics. I love your kits. I have a small coat closet with kits handing from trouser hangers but probably only have about 20 or so. I have a few magazine bins of magazines, a tote of charts, another tote of kitted projects, a side tote of WIPS, a cabinet of fabric, floss and silks and beads....oh my.... I have a problem but as this is my only excessive vice, I say it's all good. Awhile back I began scanning magazine charts onto flash drives...so I'm even going a little pdf crazy, especially as many of the newest designers are digital. Your stash is devine...my suggestion look around your house, I bet there is under utilized room just waiting to be converted ;)

    1. Wow, Kathy! Your room sound brilliant! If I could get away with using our Dining room I would. Hopefully when we move I'll be able to create a dedicated stitching room! Fingers crossed.

  5. You suffer from the same problem I do. I have an entire room dedicated to cross stitch. File cabinets for patterns sorted by subject. Kits in totes - at least 100. DMC floss in special pull out drawers in a cabinet my husband built to hold them. I couldn't complete all the stuff I have if I lived to be 500. Today I went to the stitchery store and bought aida cloth in every color they had because it was on sale. They also had a new cloth that was a sparkly gold color! Cross stitching is definitely an addiction......from which I don't wish to be cured.