Thursday, 3 July 2014

Eagle Song - Complete Symphonic Concept Cast Recording

Most people have never heard of Eagle Song - something I'm taking a step to rectifying with this review.

Writers Roger Butterley and Justin Murphy have created a beautiful tapestry of sound. Touching on pop, country, soul, gospel and a contemporary Broadway sound, this musical is outstanding.

It recalls elements of Les Miserables - especially in the scope of the production. Also of Civil War by Frank Wildhorn.

It is almost entirely sung and tells the evocotive story of two families torn apart by the American Civil War - kind of like North & South to music!!
Two friends end up on opposite sides of the American Civil War and this is their story. But, it's also the story of their friends and families back home. Also, of their fellow soldiers.

The scope of the show is massive with multiple characters and storylines - but it's never confusing. The cd comes with a full lyric booklet (or at least did when I bought it) and the sound is brilliant.
Both Roger Butterley and Justin Murphy sing on this cd; and it is easy to be impressed by these incredibly talented guys! Their writing skills easily match those of much more successful composers.

One of the things I love about this show is the sheer number of songs I can sing along with. The rousing chorus numbers as well as the many soaring power ballads. Listen out for Monique Midgette singing the part of Charlotte. Her beautiful rendition of Another's Arms is perfection.In addition, other songs to particularly note are Bonded By Blood, Angel, Cavalry Life, Pretty Little Things and Never Forget.

This musical encompasses everything that is wonderful about musical theatre!! Here's hoping it gets staged on day.

The CD is getting increasingly hard to find, so, if you're a musical fan I'd advise you to buy this before it costs the earth! Not so long ago it was over £100!

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