Tuesday 8 July 2014

TILTON CRAFTS and LASTING ALLURE: Something Old and Something New - More Great Designers

Most days I try to keep my blog entries to a minimum. I have a tendency to talk and the last thing I want is for my readers to get bored!

But, today, I absolutely HAVE to post another entry.

Because, today, I had the great pleasure to discover two new cross stitch designers and wanted to share this with all of you.
I'm sure most of you will know about Tilton Crafts (found here), but they're new to me.

The amazing Shelley Lee posted in facebook today with one of the most amazing deals ever: Buy 2 Charts and Get 2 Free.

With a hefty amount of scepticism I clicked on the link to her site. Expecting, if I'm honest, to find maybe one or two designs I like (to date only PaineFreeCrafts have had LOADS that I want).

Imagine my surprise when I found some absolutely stunning charts.

The four at the top of this page are the ones I bought and can all be found on their site.
As a film and literature fan these four charts completely fired my imagination and had me drooling!
But, to be honest, I could have bought three times as many.

Beautifully intricate. Colourful. Imaginative and varied. There's sure to be something for everyone on this brilliant site!

Just don't blame me when you're bank account dwindles!


Because I couldn't resist the urge to buy another batch of Tilton charts! That deal is just too good to miss out on!

So, just got these:

NOW...for something new
ANOTHER new designer I'd never heard of before.
 This is from Lasting Allure (whose Etsy page can be found here)
 Designer Shannon has created some beautiful designs with a luxurious feel.
Featured in World of Cross Stitching this is a designer I think everyone should keep their eyes on.

Her Etsy page features Seasonal Designs, iPhone cases, Shoes, Dresses and Cocktails. What more could any stitcher want.

Of special note are the Masks, French Princess Shoes (seen above) and Gingerbread House - all of which are now on my wishlist.

Seen my 'Stash' post today? Well, it's just gonna get bigger!

Thank you to Shannon and Shelley for agreeing to this post!

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