Tuesday, 24 June 2014

The Rescue - Bruce Broughton

I've loved soundtracks ever since my mum first played me her old vinyl LPs of The Sound of Music. Over the years, as my personal taste in music developed, I moved away from song soundtracks (although I do still like a lot) and more towards the music only - or Score - albums. This is where I found my true love.

Not only does the score to a film remind you of the film in question; but it also can find a life of it's own away from the images on the screen. I'm sure many people know the Raiders March from Raiders of the Lost Ark, or the theme from The Godfather, Jaws or Close Encounters of the Third Kind. But, I bet some people don't know that those pieces of music are from films.

Somehow, music can transcend the initial limitations imposed upon it.

I've been very lucky to build my collection over the years to include some classic and soon-to-be-classic scores. Everything from the amazing score to The Great Escape (Elmer Bernstein) to Thomas Newman's beautiful scores for The Shawshank Redemption and Alexandre Desplat's work on The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

Everyone listens to music differently. Digital formats, CDs, vinyl. In the car, doing housework. While reading, stitching, or a multitude of other activities.

Personally, it depends on the music. I like to listen to a score when I'm on my PC, reading or as background music. I listen to musicals with ALL my attention; usually with the book in hand, reading along with the lyrics. Pop/Rock etc I like on my MP3 player, or in the car or doing housework.

So, when I get a new score I wait until I'm on my PC or reading. I hit the 'repeat' button and just let the music wash over me.

The Rescue arrived yesterday and I did exactly that.
This is an action score at it's core. Rousing melodies and pumping themes abound. But, it also has it's quieter moments.
I've been a fan of composer Bruce Broughton ever since falling in love with his score for Harry and the Hendersons. But, over the years many of his scores have been neglected and left unreleased.

Thankfully, specialist CD companies like Intrada, La La Land Records and Varese Sarabande have offered collectors the chance to obtain these soundtracks. Often in expanded, or complete, formats. They go out of their way to obtain the rights to scores that were never released. They are utterly brilliant!

So, back in the 1988 when the film was released, the soundtrack never saw the light of day. But, Intrada managed to obtain the rights and we finally have the complete score.

It's a fun soundtrack and if you're familiar with Broughton's work you may recognise themes from Young Sherlock Holmes  and Harry and the Hendersons. They're not entirely the same; but there are definite similarities.

The Rescue is a fun score that I'm incredibly pleased to have in my collection.

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