Thursday, 26 June 2014

Aaargh.....Dynasty and nothing much else

"Hey man, f**k you if you think I can't act!"

I mentioned the other day that we'd been watching Season 6 of Dynasty.

Of course the season ended on a cliffhanger (of sorts). Blake was strangling Alexis on the stairs. Oh no! Is he going to kill her???!!!
Luckily for us, I had Season 7 waiting to be watched so the next disc got popped into the player.

Nope, the bitch is still alive and Blake is as bigoted and arrogant as ever! Although his daughter, Amanda, had miraculously transformed from an English brat to an American cheerleader (no one noticed, of course). Oh, and Claudia was dead. No one cared. No one grieved. Poor Claudia - and poor Pamela Bellwood for making such a poor impact!

You're probably wondering why I watch this show if I have such a low opinion of it. Well, I don't really. It's mindless, crass, naff stuff, but I still get a kick out of it. It's escapism in it's purest form: no concern for reality.

I grew up watching it. I remember watching Dynasty as a weekly 'event' in our house. Me and my mum wanted to see what the Carrington's had been up to since we'd last seen them. We cared about these characters. That was the joy of the 80's and only watching something once a week.

Nowadays, with home entertainment the way it is, we can sit and watch a whole season of a show in a couple of days. Which can be great. But, it can also highlight the flaws in a show.

You see the plot holes, poor performances, continuity errors or just plain awful plotting in glaring detail. You can't get away from the fact that the people you're watching are unpleasant or boring or just dull. Of course, in today's society a show would just be cancelled (especially by our ever-impatient, attention-span-challenged US friends...sorry guys, but it's the truth) before it's second season. Back in the 80's that happened a lot less, or it seems that way looking back. 
That's where the problem lies with Dynasty. It should have been cancelled long before it got to 7 (or 9!!) seasons. Most of the people in it are just plain horrible! About the only person I like is Jeannette. The maid!!!

Still, it's a snapshot of the era. It's a time I look back upon very fondly and, as such, a show I will continue with until the bitter end.

I miss the 80's, sometimes, and this show helps.

It helps me come to my senses! I don't miss the bigotry, bad hair, shoulder pads, leg warmers, The Smiths (miserable pop group to those who don't know) or living in the closet.
I miss being a teenager sometimes, but not the acne, hormones, poor choices, inability to focus and complete lack of respect for authority. Or the feeling that I'm immortal and 40 is reeeeaaaallllly OLD.

Time's change and that's a good thing!

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