Wednesday 25 June 2014

Siberian Gold tigers - Day 41

DAY 41

Thanks to keeping a record of how long this is taking I now know that I'm averaging about 5 days a page on this design. Given that the final page is more like a 3/4 page and is mostly half stitch, I would say another 8-10 days and I'll be done.

Yesterday was a long days stitching if I'm honest. I was aiming to get the page finished, but by 11.30pm I still hadn't managed it and I was really tired. But, given that I started at 10am I think getting to 11.30 was pretty amazing.

Some people have expressed amazement at the speed I stitch. Ok, yes, I do stitch quite fast. But, let's put that into perspective people....

1. I'm currently unemployed.
2. I don't have kids.
3. I don't drive, live in the middle of nowhere and there's nowhere to walk to even if I was so inclined.

So, I'm in our home most of the time with more leisure time that I know what to do with.

Also, I've been stitching for over 20 years. I've honed my technique. I've invested in equipment to make my stitching time as easy as possible. My stand means I can stitch two-handed and that is a huge boost speed wise.
Some days, I can spend 12 or more hours stitching. I'm lucky.

Now, yesterday....I spent the day stitching as I've said, but what did I watch while doing it?

My choice for yesterday was this: I started with an episode from Season 5 of The Ghost Whisperer. If you've never seen this stars Jennifer Love Hewitt as Melinda, a married mother of one who can speak to ghosts.
It's a great show...which sadly went a bit off the rails as it went on. Season 5 (the final season) is by far the weakest of the run; and I'm not surprised it got cancelled. But, I still like it enough to watch it.

After that episode I went to my 'Need-to-Watch' pile of DVDs/Blu-rays and pulled out the final season of Young Indiana Jones. I then watched the first 6 episodes. From an Indiana Jones fan point of view the show could have been a lot more 'Indy' feeling. Too much history can sometimes make it a bit dull. Personally, I really enjoy it and the DVDs are great because they have hours of bonus material putting each story into historical context.

The day ended with the final three episodes from Season Six of Dynasty. Yes, we like Dynasty in our household. Yes, it's naff. Yes, it's badly written and acted at times. But, there's just something deliciously 'guilty pleasure' about it.
I never saw beyond Season 4 in it's initial run; and I have to admit to enjoying watching it now.
Watching episodes back-to-back does result in a lot of shouting at the TV (can those characters really be THAT stupid and selfish!?), which I'm sure never happened when there was a week of 'downtime' between episodes.

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