Wednesday, 18 June 2014

....And so it begins....

Ok. Here goes.

Totally new to blogging. Thought I'd give it a go. Why? Because, sometimes I think I might actually have something to say that people will find interesting.

I called my blog 'The Eclectic Bloke's Blog' because I've got a lot of interests and there was no way I could define my blog with one word and still make it sound interesting. Besides, I've always loved the word eclectic.

So, what do you need (or want) to know about me?

I'm male and in my forties - or my mid-life crisis some would say; and I have a lot of interests.

What you won't see on my blog is the any of the following (so if these interest you leave now!): football or pretty much any other sport (except some tennis). Details of pubs, clubs or restaurants (I might be lying about that last one occasionally).

What you WILL find is my thoughts on:
Books - I read a lot and all the time so I may post my thoughts and feelings on what I'm reading.
Films/TV - I collect DVD and Blu-ray so I may post reviews on what I watch.
Places I've Been - I like to post about new places I go. Not in boring detail though!
Cross Stitch - Counted CS is one of my main hobbies; and, according to some, something of a rarity among men. Although, if facebook is anything to go by, that is changing. I will probably be posting pictures of my current progress and photos of my finished projects.
Writing - I'm a budding writer (aren't we all at one point or another) so I may post short stories or poems. All will be copyrighted so hands off!

So, now you know what my blog is all about. Hopefully you'll find something you like! Happy reading!

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