Friday 20 June 2014

Another brilliant craft site....

The other day I let everyone know about the brilliant Heidi Made This! Cards site.

Today, it's the turn of the equally brilliant Paine Free Crafts see here.

Sarah Paine, creator and owner of Paine Free Crafts does an absolutely brilliant job of converting some truly stunning art work into cross stitch charts and kits.

All Paine Free Crafts products are licensed by the original artist, with whom Sarah works to achieve the best results possible.

Here's some examples:

This is 'Butterfly Meadow Green' and is available as both a chart and full kit. As you can see the detail is amazing.

Likewise on my personal favourite from Paine Free Crafts: 'Apocalypse Princesses'.

To date, I have only one of Sarah's charts in my stash. The brilliant 'Awwooo!'

However, I have no doubt I will add more of her designs to my stash.

Each chart gives full and very clear instructions on how to create your own piece of art.

Paine Free Crafts also offers a custom charting service, where you can have any copyright-free picture converted to a chart for a very reasonable charge.

Even more importantly is Sarah's wonderful customer service. Friendly and always helpful.

You really couldn't do any better!

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  1. Never heard of this site. Thanks for the tip as indeed there are some awesome designs.